Thank God for Dance! I don’t know how I would’ve done this past week if I didn’t have any means of letting all those weekend energy go. Carifest 2011…such good fun. Friday was bomb! and I was really quite upset that it rained on the parade and we weren’t able to perform again on Saturday. Either way, just wanted to take this time and thank everyone that was part of it. Much love and thanks to Sabrina Naz for reaching out and allowing me to perform in her piece. I always love working with you all…and I really did miss working with you guys. The great energy, the fun, the extraness, and the craziness…I need to keep up..haha.

I don’t really know too much about the Carribbean culture; but you guys fo shoo know how to LIVE!..haha. I love it all. The dance, music, people, food…good stuff. I know I can’t work my pelvis as crazy as all you guys…but one dayy..haha. One thing about that night though, I wish I could’ve understood the comedy routine >.<; from where I was standing, I wanted in on the laughters…Someone has to seriously teach me what all those terms meant. Anyway..Carnivale 2012 Trinidad?!…Aquarius celebration west indie style?!…hmmm…kuuhhrazzineess..time to save up i guess. haha

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